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How It All Started

Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain, January 2015

Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain, January 2015

It's hard to believe that only 4 years ago I was living the ''dream'', the ''life'' that many aspire to have at some point in their life: a nice car, a flat in one of the most luxurious cities in the world, a stable job with a salary that made me blush. I had worked hard towards those goals for so long, and expected to find happiness and comfort from my achievements. There I was at the age of 23  drowning in an ocean of confusion and disappointment. Shouldn't I have been happy? I felt deceived by the idea of success and happiness that was ingrained in my head by society.


But then again, I would have never found a new way of being without first trying out the wrong way of being. I would have never found my way to a path that truly feels like home before falling into the quick-sand of what felt like a foreign land to my true self.


Without that messiness I would have never found clarity for what I wanted to dedicate the next few years of my life to, and so my journey began. I knew I wanted to help people with their health and wellness but modern ways didn't cut it for me. Current health-care system has a very mechanistic approach to life; it views the body as a physical machine separate from mind and soul. While modern medicine has made incredible breakthroughs, saving so many lives through pharmaceuticals and advanced technology, it has not evolved to deal with the root causes of disease in our society. This is when I realized that there is a big need for a more holistic approach to health and wellness.


This hunger for knowledge took me on incredible adventures. It started off with wanting to learn the foundations of nutrition, so I spent a year studying to earn my Masters of Science in Nutrition in Barcelona, Spain.


While my curiosity initially focused on understanding the impact of what we eat in shaping our happiness, I quickly realized that this was only one factor of the overall picture. I found myself  tapping into an entirely different world of wellness, one that I had not experienced prior to moving to Barcelona: the world of holistic healing. This world was new to me as a concept, but it was not new to my body; something about treating my body holistically (looking after my mind, exploring spirituality, and eating well) felt so incredibly familiar.


The mind, body, soul approach to wellness ignited hunger to learn what ancient wisdom had to offer in this field! After I completed my studies, I traveled India and Nepal for months, doing my yoga teachers training, spending time in mountains and ashrams immersing myself in different healing modalities, and starting my studies in Ayurvedic medicine in Pokhara, Nepal.


The big earthquake in Nepal in 2015 put a halt on my Ayurvedic studies but I didn't stop there. As I continued to learn about how these practices can help us as individuals unlock our complete potential, my vision was only getting clearer and a strong force was directing me to where I needed to be to gain the knowledge I was seeking.


I moved to San Francisco with zero plans and connections in my pocket but that didn't stop me from doing it. I had faith in my vision and I trusted my direction. Fast forward six weeks after moving, I was already enrolled in an Ayurvedic Medicine course, a wellness coaching course, teaching yoga 3-4 times a week, and working in an incredible research center for integrative medicine that is proving everything I religiously believe in that has to do with holistic medicine.


San Francisco gave me way more than I expected but after the intense 2015 that I had, taking 24 flights and sleeping in 30 different places, took its toll on me. I made the decision to move to the little island of Kauai in Hawaii, where I can continue to gain some insight into ancient wisdom and focus on my studies  while paying more attention to my personal growth. I strongly believe that this path will only allow me to be better at how I want to help others.


The last few years have been the start of my own journey to gain a better understanding of myself and my happiness. From a confused fresh grad in a high paying pharmaceutical company riddled with questions, I set myself on a path towards pursuing and exploring what it means to live and enjoy a human life.  


Out of the muddy reality that I lived in, I found my way to clarity; I created a path towards my vision. Fear was not an option, and faith was a necessity. I established a new way of being that kept me going in the right direction. With the light of my inner guidance, the life I have always envisioned will be my reality.