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You have come to the right place If you're feeling overwhelmed with all the diet tips out there that the simple act of eating well has been stressful. Whether you’re looking to simply feel well, lose weight, heal your digestion, have less (or none at all) cravings, or cleanse your body, or get rid of these mysterious symptoms, food has the power to heal.


Discover 170$ 

1.5 hours consultation session over Skype or in person.
The process starts with you:
I’ll have you fill out a thorough wellness questionnaire, allowing you to reflect on your eating habits, digestion patterns, lifestyle and more. I’ll analyze the wellness questionnaire and identify some sources of your dis-ease. Following my analysis, I will suggest a set of changes that you could introduce, and encourage you to focus on implementing only 2-3 of them to begin with. 


Flourish 750$

Flourish will help you develop your intuition or inner voice when it comes to your wellbeing step by step over a period of 3 months. It will truly help flourish into knowing how to take care of your body and mind. Flourish will offer what both DISCOVER and DEEPEN offer and far beyond. It includes 7 sessions.
Extensive nutrition sessions with seasonal recipes, shopping list, and examples of meal plans. Implementing Ayurvedic grounding daily routines specific to your body that will assist in the healing process and have you start your days with ease.


Deepen 320$

  • What DISCOVER offers plus:
    Daily meal follow up: We will be creating a shared album for you to upload pictures of your meals to for 2 weeks after first consultation. This will allow me to “watch” what you’ve understood through our first consultation and to give you tips and modifications along the way, for you to gradually improve your eating habits.

  • 1 hr follow-up consultation 2 weeks after the first one. 


Healing Vegetarian Cooking 300$

A fun and dynamic 3 hour seasonal cooking class that builds on Ayurvedic principles to offer you new tools and knowledge, allowing you to cook in a healing way. Using easily available spices - ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric and more - and combinations of food that you are already familiar with - tweaking them to give you, new inspiration in the kitchen, a happier stomach and a broader smile.
How to construct delicious, nutritious, perfectly balanced meals including one pot meals for busy lifestyles that can support you in your daily activities eliminating afternoon energy drops or sudden cravings.
What we focus on in the class will change seasonally since Ayurveda is aligned with the cycles of Nature.

Prices might vary according to the location so contact me to inquire.

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