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Ayurvedic Pho

Ayurvedic Pho

❖ 4 handfuls of cubed butternut squash

❖ 3 cups of shiitake mushrooms

❖ 2 handfuls bok choy (can substitute for spinach)

❖ 1.5 tbsp chopped ginger

❖ 1 tbsp chopped fresh lemongrass

❖ 1.5 tbsp white miso paste

❖ 3 tbsp tamari

❖ 4 pinches asafetida

❖ 4 pinches fenugreek

❖ 1/2 tsp coriander powder

❖ black pepper

❖ 1/4 green chili

❖ 1/2 fresh fennel

❖ Basil

❖ 2-3 tbsp ghee

❖ Organic rice noodles

Chop the fresh fennel thin slices and the ginger into really small cubes. Add the oil on a medium heat with the chopped ginger, black pepper., coriander powder, asafetida,

fenugreek, and chilli. Wait for the aroma of the spices come up then add the fresh fennel. Wait for the fennel to cook, then add the miso paste, tamari sauce, and the

mushrooms. Add 3-4 cups of hot water and let it simmer for for 5-10 minutes so that all the flavors come together.

In a separate pot, boil the butternut until a la dente (soft enough for the fork to go through), remove from boiling water and drop in ice cold water to stop them from

overcooking. Then boil the spinach and bok choy for a few minutes until the colour of the green becomes brighter and set them aside.

Follow the instructions on the package for the rice noodles. Once you’re done with all the ingredients and (I promise it takes a lot faster than it sounds) then start setting

the plates. Add the noodles, a generous amount of the mushroom soup and top with butternut squash, greens, and fresh basil!

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