You Are What You Digest

Copy of Testimonials


I feel lucky to have met Rana.
She introduced me to the Ayurvedic system . I have followed her system for a couple of months now and feel healthy.
The weight loss came fast and with ease . Her program is easy to follow and the effects on body and overall health are nothing short of amazing .
— Mohammad S, Jordan 2017
Rana is that she sees you as the person you are. After working with Rana and made big changes my stomach feels so much better, I sleep better at night, and it`s easier to get up 6 a.m in the morning to do my Meditation, Pranayama and Asana practice. I have more energy, my skin is better, and my psoriasis is better then it was before I started this Ayurveda journey I love that Rana is flexible and she do consultation over Skype, then it`s easier to connect and get consultations wherever we both are in the world. I highly recommend Rana to others! She is an warm person, with a big heart.
— Marita H, Norway 2017
I have only the greatest accolades for Rana. Her workshops at our retreat where highly appreciated and respected. She is very well organized and very efficient in the kitchen, makes great recipes, but most importantly, she pours her heart and soul into what she does.
— R. Alexander Medin, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & Owner of Nøsen Yoga Retreat Centre, 2017
For a long time I believed the way I was eating was healthy, until my consultation with Rana.
Since I started experimenting Ayurvedic food and cooking new recipes , it has been a very enjoyable
time specially when I get to cook, smelling the nice
combination of spices, the taste of food is delicious and how light my body and mind feels after every meal is amazing!
Rana has been helping and supporting me with any doubts and questions I’ve had. Very grateful with her for helping me in the journey.
— Rodrigo B, Yoga Teacher, Mexico 2017
Rana’s workshop was truly eye-opening and life-changing to say the least. Can’t wait to attend her future workshops!
— Maha R, Jordan 2017
I’ve known and followed some of the knowledge I know about Ayurveda for many years, but when Rana came here I learned so much more. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about these practices, and has a beautiful balance of creativity, play and scientific knowledge behind everything she does. With the joy of cooking she adapts the principles of Ayurveda to any cuisine. A connection to nature and an understanding of the senses she will provide a chance for anyone to have a more holistic view upon nourishing the mind and body as one.
— Benjamin L. Head chef Nøsen Yoga Retreat Centre, Norway 2017
Rana helped me understand how to listen to my body and broke down the diet myths that I thought were beneficial to me. She’s very practical and understood my lifestyle - a crazy travel schedule, demanding job, and a social life. Despite the demands of the modern day life, Rana helped me find healthy ways to keep myself balanced . What was very useful to me was that Rana asked me to take photos of everything I ate to which she gave comments on how to improve my meals (given my constraints). Most importantly though, I really felt that Rana really cares. She is always available and always so keen to help you better treat and appreciate your body.
— Rousol T, England 2017
I was lucky to have attended your amazing workshop!!
You really touched me and my way of approaching food and connecting my life style to Mother Nature.
Looking forward to attending future workshops.
— Marian L, Jordan 2017