Wellness Coaching

Do you see the path forward to your greatest self, but don’t know how to take the  first step?  Have you been through countless number of exercise regimens and diets to be fitter and healthier? Everyone's different when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. No one diet or exercise is good for all! Only you know what changes could work for you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Wellness coaching is that missing link to help to help you go the distance, and make the changes you need to get the outcomes you desire. It focuses on your strengths, environment and current circumstances to help you take concrete steps towards achieving your wellness goals.

We begin with a 90-120min hour “discovery session” to gain a better understanding of who you are to help you define a higher purpose of for your own wellness, as well as to uncover your natural impulse towards wholeness. After discovering what health and wellness goals you'd like to achieve, we develop a plan that works for you and sets you up for success.

Weekly follow up sessions ensure that together we can keep you on track towards achieving your goals. This service is offered remotely through Skype.