You Are What You Digest

Who I am

My name is Rana and I have an unwavering passion to help others achieve a dynamic state of wellbeing through a ‘’mind, body, and spirit’’ approach. My passion was ignited while working for a pharmaceutical company treating individuals with autoimmune diseases. I learned that there is more to health and wellness than the mechanistic and materialistic view of the modern world. My own struggles around food and eating helped me truly understand that genuine good health means more than having good lab results and meeting society beauty standards. 

''It’s a dynamic state of wellbeing in every sense, where mind body and soul are inseparable. It's joy in the gift of living a human life.’’  

With a thirst for knowledge, a lust for discovery and a desire to grow, my journey in health and wellness has taken to me across the globe to enhance my craft, from receiving an MSc in Nutrition in Spain to offering private, group, and corporate lessons in yoga and meditation in India, Nepal, Jordan, and San Francisco.  In California I enrolled in the California College of Ayurveda to deepen my knowledge in the Ayurvedic medicine wisdom.  My adventure has taken me to my next destination, the island of Kauai, where I'll be continuing my studies and service to my clients remotely while exploring new holistic approaches to health and wellness.

Rana has a real talent for harmonising matters of the mind, body & spirit. She genuinely cares not just for her own well being, but of those around her too. Her fiery motivation is the driving force behind her doing and achieving all that she has already - she is very capable of infecting you with that zest for life!
— Mayya H. Founder at Foodisms in Barcelona, Spain